The Chalkheads are based in the Kempen, Belgium; Herenthout, Herentals and Grobbendonk. These five young musicians play Rock/Poprock/Experimental music, with a performance full of energy. During their public practica, they make time for covers and original songs.


Future Shows
27/05/2022 Clamotte Rock Herenthout
Past Shows
27/08/2021 JH Tiener - CC 't Schaliken Herentals
28/08/2021 Soundclash Herentals
25/09/2021 Kempen Knalt Westerlo
25/01/2020 De MAFste nacht Grobbendonk
29/06/2019 Shopping Festival Herentals
30/06/2019 Levensloop Neteland Nijlen
28/09/2019 Herenthout Swingt Herenthout
29/09/2019 Olensfest Noorderwijk


For bookings feel free to contact us at info@thechalkheads.com!

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